Important Dates

Important Dates


April 30—May 4      Education Week

May 2    Hats On! For Mental Health

May 2    GPRC Welcomes the North (tours of the              campus for high school students)

May 3    Mitelka Folkloric Theatre

May 3&4 Trades Camp

May 5    Highway Clean-up  alternate date  May 12

May 7    School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

May 7—11  Mental Health Awareness Week

May 8 School Council 4 pm

May 10 Ascension Day

May 12 Slam-Jam Tournament

May 13 Mother’s Day

May 18 No School in Lieu of P/T Interviews

May 20, 21, 22  Pentecost

May 21 Victoria Day

May 23 Alberta Opera 9:30am

May 23 Track Meet after lunch

May 28 Jr High Field Trip

May 30 P.A.R.T.Y. Program, Gr. 9

May 1—June 30  Calling for nominations for Transportation Award of Excellence