Menno Simons Community School modernization project approved

Menno Simons Community School modernization project approved

For immediate release
October 27, 2015—
Peace River School Division (PRSD) is thrilled to announce that Menno Simons Community School (MSCS) will receive a modernization as approved by the Alberta Government. MSCS is a K-10 school with 114 students and is located in the community of Cleardale.

“This is very exciting news for our students, families, staff, the community and Peace River School Division” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “This project is currently the top priority on our capital plan and we are thrilled to get started.”

The modernization project includes an expansion to the gymnasium, increased Career and Technology Studies space, the addition of a community room and a commercial kitchen space.

“The modernization provides enhancements that support a modernized learning environment, increased opportunities for students and also supports the strong community and parental involvement in the school’ says Kuester.

The design also provides options regarding possible future expansions of the school. In September 2015, the school introduced grade ten programming and is considering the introduction of grade eleven programming in 2016-2017.  

Plans for the modernization have been in the works since early 2015 when the Alberta Government approved a $100,000 grant to develop a project design for a possible expansion of the physical space of the school. Since then, a committee was formed that includes PRSD trustees, Menno Simons Community School administration, PRSD management, Clear Hills County members, Alberta Education and Alberta Infrastructure representatives.

Clear Hills County has committed to assist in the funding of the project to enhance opportunities for students and the community.

“Time and time again Clear Hills County steps up to the plate to help enhance opportunities for students and communities” says Kuester. “We are very grateful for their support and the commitment of the Alberta Government to enhance opportunities for the school community in Cleardale.”

Next steps in the process include the review of a report from a community meeting last winter, followed by a process select an architectural firm to assist in the design of the project.